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Professional and advancing student musicians replace their strings regularly to ensure the best possible sound. Their discarded strings still have a lot of life, but end up in the landfill each year since the metal cannot be recycled; that's 1.5 million pounds of old strings! Meanwhile, musicians in under-resourced areas have difficulty acquiring strings for their instruments.

Sostenuto Strings collects donations of used/spare violin, viola, cello, and bass strings from individuals, professional/youth orchestras, luthiers, and conservatories and distributes them to community music programs in the U.S. and abroad. To date, we have collected over 1800 strings and distributed them to 570 students.

“Sostenuto” means to sustain a note beyond its original value. By donating and distributing quality strings, we can extend their value and inspire others in their music-making. And, we contribute to sustainability in the music world.

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About Sostenuto Strings

Hi, I’m Josiah Kam. I’m a cellist at the Manhattan School of Music PreCollege.

When I was younger, I practiced on a cello with a poor sound. The C string in particular was frustrating because it seemed to resist my every command instead of obeying. I voiced my complaints to my teacher, and because I could not get a better cello at the time, he recommended better strings. The new strings yielded a much improved sound, which in turn strengthened my resolve to practice. My hope is that Sostenuto Strings will empower others similarly in their musical pursuits.

Josiah Kam

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